Research unit

The ontological status of (sexual) psychopathology in (the history of) philosophical anthropology

After a PhD study on human aggression in Freud and co-editing (together with Eran Dorfman, FU Berlin) a volume on the role of sexuality in Freudo-Lacanian psychoanalysis, Jens De Vleminck is doing post-doctoral research on the ontological status of (sexual) psychopathology (the concept of ‘mental disorder’ and the status of psychiatric categories) in (the history of) philosophical anthropology. From within the larger framework of philosophy of psychiatry, his research questions the (analytical) domain of ‘philosophical psychopathology’ by confronting it with the continental (Bachelard, Canguilhem, and Foucault), phenomenological (Heidegger, Jaspers) tradition and the work of the contemporary Canadian philosopher of science Ian Hacking.