Research unit

Objectivity in Kant’s third Critique

Kant’s viewpoint on objectivity, in particular the one articulated in his third Critique, has been crucial for Gertrudis Van de Vijver, Joris Van Poucke, Boris Demarest, Filip Kolen, Elisabeth Van Dam and Eli Noé, a.o. Important research topics here are : Kant’s third Critique in relation to his other Critiques and to his pre-critical and anthropological work; the relation between systematicity and organicity; the organicity and epigenesis of reason; the status of the theory of faculties in the light of an organic viewpoint on reason; objectivity and symmetry; the distinction between determinative and reflective judgments, comprising Hegel’s criticism of the Kantian notion of judgment and his “naïve linguistic” notion of judgment; the relation between Kant’s aesthetical judgment and the Enlightenment notions of Bildung, public Reason and maturity as formative of the process of identification and the freedom of the subject.